Co-UDlabs kick-off meeting

The Co-UDlabs project has just kicked-off! The first meeting took place remotely on May 25-28 with the participation of all partners. Led by Universidade de A Coruna, the consortium is composed of 9 partners from 7 European countries.

The main aim of CO-UDlabs is to integrate research and innovation activities in the field of UDS to provide opportunities for pervasive monitoring of water quality, UDS performance and smart and open data approaches.

The advanced Co-UDlabs facilities are run by experienced research groups with extensive industry networks and strong records of innovation. Co-UDlabs delivers Transnational Access to these facilities to enable the scientific community and industry innovators to develop and validate internationally leading innovations before safely deploying them in full-scale UDS.

Looking forward to working together in the next 4 years!

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