Tools and outputs

Get access to the tools and outputs produced by the partners in the course of the project.


UDMT Toolbox

The Urban Drainage Metrology Toolbox (UDMT) is a free web app developed within Co-UDlabs aiming to facilitate the application of best practices and methods in monitoring urban drainage systems.

Access to and use of the UDMT is free, without any registration (anonymous users). For guidance, you can access the user manual at this link.

Deep-learning based framework for the automated detection of in-pipe defects in closed-circuit television (CCTV) sewer surveys

The framework developed within Co-UDlabs utilizes the Ultralytics YOLO v8 model for image processing and defect detection. By eliminating the need for manual feature extraction, this approach simplifies the identification of defects that are challenging to extract features from, such as those found in sewer pipes. The methodology, demonstration results, and recommendations for further work are outlined in this report.

The source code (including sample images and written software support) is publicly available in open access on GitHub. It has been developed to a standard to encourage others, especially non-specialists in small companies and utilities, to try and investigate whether a more simplified defect classification scheme can provide the knowledge needed to enhance the management of buried sewer assets.





Jose Anta, Manuel Regueiro, Andrea Ciambra, Acacia Naves, Raul Pernas

Manuel Regueiro, Joerg Rieckermann, Christian Ebi, Simon Bloem, Jeroen Langeveld

Marcel Goerke, Frank Bersuck, Simon Torunski, Jose Anta, Joaquín Suárez, Juan Naves

Juan Naves, Jose Anta, Daniel Carreres

Esteban Sañudo, Juan Naves, Manuel Regueiro-Picallo, Jerónimo Puertas, Cea Luis, Jose Anta

Lenard Fuchs, Manuel Regueiro-Picallo, Jörg Rieckermann, Christian Ebi, Simon Bloem

Manuel Regueiro-Picallo, Antonio Moreno-Rodenas, François Clemens-Meyer