Co-UDlabs supports education and training in UDS through seminars, advanced workshops, PhD courses, webinars and online videos.

In support of its research activities and the establishment of a pan-European Network for Urban Drainage Innovation, Co-UDlabs is organising a series oftraining activities and initiativesthroughout its implementation over the next four years. Our project's training strategy is based onthree main pillars:

In support of these activities - which will  take place presentially and/or in a hybrid online-physical form according to the changing scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic and any other related limitations - Co-UDlabs expects to have several additional initiatives, and materials available online on its YouTube channel. We aim at having  topic-based videos, about 3 to 10-minute long, featuring explanations and divulgation of specific techniques and protocols that can be universally relevant to operation and innovation in urban drainage. 

Finally, we plan to set up open access, international activities and events tightly related to the outcomes, results, and findings of our project-wide initiatives. We plan to have at least three workshops based on the outcomes of our Joint Research Activities, and two more workshops based on our Networking Activities, which are going to be crucial for the establishment of a truly pan-European and effective network of committed stakeholders. World-renowned events such as the Novatech international conferences, will be the perfect stage for this kind of dissemination-driven activities.  

For any additional information regarding our training activities, please contact us.

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Co-UDlabs industrial workshop: Capacity problems and flow rate determination in pressurised systems

Deltares, a partner in the Co-UDlabs INFRAIA project, has held — on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 10:00 CEST — a one-day course on “Capacity problems and flow rate determination in pressurized systems”. With more than 50 participants, the webinar ”Capacity problems and flow rate determination in pressurized systems” targeted practitioners who are either designing, building,…


Co-UDlabs industrial workshop on Capacity problems and flow rate determination in pressurized systems

In the framework of Co-UDlabs’ training activities, the industrial workshop on flow rate determination of pumping stations and hydraulic structures will be organised online by Deltares, a partner in Co-UDlabs, on 17 November 2022. Free registration below! Deltares invites you to participate in a one-day course on “Capacity problems and flow rate determination in pressurized systems” on 17 November 2022,…

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Co-UDlabs webinar on FTIR chemical mapping

Aalborg University, a partner in the Co-UDlabs INFRAIA project, has held — on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 14:00 CEST — an introductory webinar on the principles of FTIR spectroscopy and microscopy, as well as µFTIR-Imaging analysis. With over 15 participants, the webinar ”µFTIR-Chemical Mapping” was intended to provide basic knowledge on a widely used…