Co-UDlabs will organise several events in the course of the project to maximise dissemination and knowledge transfer. We will also take part in international conferences.
More information below!

Future events

Post Call abstract EJSW

26th European Junior Scientists Workshop (EJSW)

Launch of the UDRAIN Working Group on Large Research Infrastructures in UD

Co-UDlabs Open Days at CITEEC – partner event of the EU Green Week 2024

Co-UDlabs Applied Course on Urban Drainage Metrology – partner event of the EU Green Week 2024

Past events


Co-UDlabs webinar on Optical observations in urban water systems and rivers

UDMT workshop

Professional training course on Uncertainty Assessment in Urban Drainage


Road to the TA: the 2nd Co-UDlabs Hackathon!


Co-UDlabs workshop at Novatech 2023


Co-UDlabs Webinar: 2nd call for TA proposals

Co-UDlabs WEBINAR Uncertainty assessment

Co-UDlabs webinar on Routine Uncertainty Assessment

Webinar Acoustic Monitoring

Co-UDlabs webinar on Acoustic monitoring of suspended solids in natural and engineered systems


Co-UDlabs at the 36th AEAS Congress

Co-UDlabs WEBINAR (1)

Co-UDlabs webinar on µFTIR chemical mapping 


Co-UDlabs session at IWA World Water Congress