Co-UDlabs Open Days at CITEEC – partner event of the EU Green Week 2024

Co-UDlabs is taking part in the upcoming EU Green Week (May 29-30, 2024) – an EU-wide initiative to raise awareness and educate people about the importance of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living practices. The 2024 edition will be on water resilience, a core topic of research and activity for Co-UDlabs and its partners.

In the framework of the Green Week, our partners at the University of A Coruña will be organising two Open Days for its installations at CITEEC on June 19-20, 2024. On those days, the rainfall simulators and urban drainage models of Co-UDlabs’ STREET and BLOCK facilities, the MEDUSA water supply model and the TOPOSandbox augmented reality box will be accessible to the larger public for a tour and a set of demonstrations, alongside the many other laboratories and installations of CITEEC.

Two sessions will be available for entry, at 10AM and at 5PM.

You can already book a visit at this link!