Professional training course on Uncertainty Assessment in Urban Drainage

Uncertainty Assessment should be significantly developed and systematically applied in urban drainage monitoring as a standard part of best practice metrology. However, methods and calculations may frequently appear as too complex for many users.
The Urban Drainage Metrology Toolbox (UDMT) developed by Co-UDlabs partners provides both a free online webapp and a downloadable software to make these calculations easy!

We are organising a professional training course on 6-7 March 2024 in Lyon (France) to introduce the importance of uncertainty assessment in urban drainage, present the UDMT webapp, provide examples of application, and answer all your questions during a Q&A session. A session will be fully dedicated to examples and case studies brought by the participants

At the end of the course, participants will know the methods applied in the UDMT and how to use it for their own needs.

Organised by INSA Lyon and GRAIE, the training course will be held in English and it will be limited to 15 participants.

Prerequisites for participants: experience on monitoring in the field of urban drainage (sewers, overflows, source control measures (SUDs, LIDs, etc.), including rainfall, discharges pollutants, etc.). Participants should attend with their own laptops.

  • General introduction
  • Quick round of participants
  • Lectures on uncertainty assessment (UA) (0.5 day):
    • Interest and importance of uncertainty assessment for data validation in urban drainage
    • Link with best practices in metrology, data validation and quality assurance
  • Presentation of the international standards (Guide of Uncertainty in Measurements by the JCGM – Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology)
  • Presentation of the methods of uncertainty assessment (statistical analysis Type A and B, and Monte Carlo method)
  • Demonstration with examples in urban drainage of The UDMT – Urban Drainage Metrology Toolbox – developed in the H2020 project CO-UDlabs, which is a Matlab/Octave open source codes that make calculation of measurements much more easy (0.25 day)
  • Guided exercise for the participants, with correction (0.25 day).

Training and application by participants who will bring their own cases and data sets (1 day).

Please bring your own computer, your cases and data set.

He got his PhD in 1992 and he is a professor at INSA Lyon.

His research has focused on Urban Drainage processes, modelling and monitoring. In 2021, he published a book on Metrology of Urban Drainage System, together with researchers and other partners from the Urban Drainage community that is the reference in the domain.