Co-UDlabs celebrated its first General Assembly and Early-Stage Researchers Seminar

From June 27 to July 1, 2022, members and researchers from Co-UDlabs’ nine partner institutions met (in person and for the first time) at the University of A Coruña (UDC) to celebrate our project’s first Early-Stage Researchers Seminar (ESRS) and General Assembly.

These events mark a significant milestone for Co-UDlabs. The Seminar was an excellent opportunity for everybody to learn about the project’s main research lines and agendas. The General Assembly allowed Co-UDlabs staff and researchers to meet in person for the first time and, as the project just turned one, it was a landmark event to discuss the state of Co-UDlabs, look back at the key goals and outcomes achieved so far, and plan the next steps together.

The Early-Stage Researchers Seminar included cutting-edge work and presentations on sediment accumulation, wastewater turbidity monitoring, infrastructural planning for heavy-rain laboratories, as well as innovative approaches to flooding health risks, performance assessment in UDS, LIDAR and SfM-based techniques for surveying and experimental planning.

The following researchers have already shared their presentations online:

  • Sophie Scutt (University of Sheffield), Evaluating the Public Health Risks of Urban Flooding Events [PDF]
  • Marcel Goerke (IKT), Planning and conception of a heavy rain laboratory and its practical use [PDF]
  • João Leitão (EAWAG), Flooding and image-based analysis. Water level estimation from images [PDF]

The General Assembly was a key moment in the growth of the process: all Work Packages’ leaders were able to comment on achieved results, deviation from expectations, and updates to their workplan for their agenda in the next 6-12 months. The event was fully hybrid to guarantee that all nine partners of Co-UDlabs were represented in the meetings and in the fruitful conversations that accompanied each point on the Agenda. Debate and discussions were essential to reach agreements on issues of data management planning — especially ahead of granting transnational access (TA) to 14 different projects and user-groups in Co-UDlabs’ facilities) — as well as the organisation of webinars, advanced training initiatives, and coordination on Joint Research Activities and other key project goals.

The Assembly ended with a group visit to UDC’s installations at CITEEC, including BLOCK and STREET, which will host two TA user-groups in the coming months.

The Assembly was also an opportunity to work together on the project’s dissemination schedule for the next few months. Researchers from nearly all Co-UDlabs partners will take part in some of the most relevant events in the sustainable urban drainage and water management calendar. We will be presenting Co-UDlabs, our Transnational Access programme, and our joint research initiatives and advanced training activities at the SPN10 Congress in Graz, Austria (August 24-26, 2022), and at the World Water Congress that IWA is organising in Copenhagen on September 11-15, 2022.

Finally, our partners at Aalborg University (AAU) will organise a webinar on FTIR Chemical Mapping in November 2022. This year’s last Co-UDlabs public webinar, on acoustic turbidity measurements, will be set up for late 2022 as a collaboration between EAWAG and the University of A Coruña

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