Co-UDlabs and #GreenRoofDay!

Today, June 6, is #GreenRoofDay! An up-and-coming infrastructural solution for a more sustainable and efficient urban design model, green roofs are bound to play a pivotal role in the emergence of new understandings of urban drainage and its centrality to urban sustainability.

In the framework of its Transnational Access programme, Co-UDlabs is granting free access to 17 unique UDS facilities to allow external user-groups to test new sustainable UDS approaches and methods, including various SuDS, such as green roofs. The Laboratoire Deep at INSA Lyon, one of the Co-UDlabs partners, offers access to GROOF, an experimental facility equipped with six green-roof platforms (3m x 3m each) and located on the rooftop of a building at the INSA Lyon campus. The platforms can be fitted with up to six different green roofs, for mid-term (few months) to long-term (several years) experiments aiming at evaluating the green roofs’ hydrological performance in terms of retention, detention, and evapotranspiration, as well as providing data for modelling purposes.

Additionally, the BLOCK facility of the University of A Coruña (UDC) replicates an urban intersection in a 100m2 scaled model (1:4) for studying rainfall run-off transformation and pollutant mobilisation. This unique structure features four blocks of adjustable roofs. In the framework of Co-UDlabs’ Joint Research Activities, two green roofs and one gravel roof are being installed in the facility.

If you are interested to access these or other SuDS facilities offered by Co-UDlabs, we are opening a global call for Transnational Access in October 2023. You can start sharing now your project ideas or pitches in Co-UDlabs’ Ideas Marketplace! It may be a great place to start designing an innovative SuDS approach for the future. You can easily subscribe to updates on our project via a simple contact form, as well as follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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