Co-UDlabs presented at the 14th Annual Seminar of the Spanish Network of Hydraulics Laboratories

The Spanish Network of Hydraulics Laboratories (Red de Laboratorios de Hidráulica de España, RLHE) is an initiative that aims to establish a venue for key research centres in the field of hydraulics experimentation in Spain to meet, identify compatibilities in their work, and support growth in R&D in hydraulic engineering. Given the high degree of fragmentation in the community, the Network has been playing a valuable role in integrating knowledge and methods, increasing collaboration and peer-to-peer learning among its members. The University of A Coruña is one of them.

RLHE is meeting every year for a Seminar in which its members can showcase their main projects and activities. The 14th Seminar was held (in person) on March 29, 2022, at the School of Engineering of the Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC), in Barcelona. Jose Anta, Co-UDlabs’ project coordinator, introduced the Network to the main research lines and initiatives of Co-UDlabs. It was a very valuable opportunity to network together in person again after a long time, with longstanding partners and colleagues, as well as to engage some of the most relevant actors of water engineering in Spain with Co-UDlabs transnational access programme and the other activities that the project will be organising.

Co-UDlabs’ presentation is available online in the official video published by RLHE, and as a paper (PDF) at this link.

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