Co-UDlabs is now on YouTube!

The Co-UDlabs project has created its own YouTube channel! Joining the video platform was a milestone for our communication efforts, considering how visible and available the teaching, networking, and training materials produced by our teams and partners can now be.

The channel is currently available online at this address. The channel will host a series of introductory videos on both who we are — the expertise, facilities, and work experience of each Co-UDlabs partners — and what we do. In particular, the channel will be the go-to place for all training and teaching materials produced by Co-UDlabs. We plan to publish online all the webinars that Co-UDlabs is going to organise in its lifetime (check them out if you don’t know already, two of them will take place in 2022). We will have a series of interviews with staff and researchers from our partners. The channel, finally, will also host a series of short topic-based videos, in which our partners will provide details and analysis on key topics, new technology, and emerging innovation in the field of sustainable urban drainage, water management and treatment, and urban planning.

All materials, including webinars and research analysis, will be available for free. Our hope is that the channel can help us engage even more with our audience, networks, and partners. We want it to work as a knowledge hub to disseminate easily and understandably on sensitive topics such as climate change, water, and sustainable urban futures.

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