Co-UDlabs at the EU Green Week 2024 on Water Resilience

Co-UDlabs is taking part in the upcoming EU Green Week (May 29-30, 2024) – an EU-wide initiative to raise awareness and educate people about the importance of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living practices. The 2024 edition will be on water resilience, a core topic of research and activity for Co-UDlabs and its partners.

The EU Green Week also encourages and supports partner events, which will take place until September 2024 and are meant to mobilise citizens, companies, civil society, academic actors, and all other stakeholders interested in contributing to water resilience in Europe.

In the framework of the Green Week partner events, our partners at the University of A Coruña will be hosting two special dissemination events at their facilities.

  • On June 19-20, 2024, UDC will host two Open Days for its installations at CITEEC. On that day, the rainfall simulators and urban drainage models of Co-UDlabs’ STREET and BLOCK facilities, the MEDUSA water supply model and the TOPOSandbox augmented reality box will be accessible to the larger public for a tour and a set of demonstrations, alongside the many other laboratories and installations of CITEEC. Two sessions will be available for entry, at 10AM and at 5PM. You can already book a visit at this link!

  • On July 16-19, 2024, UDC will host an Applied Course on Urban Drainage Metrology, a free-of-charge four-day event with two sessions per day for urban drainage practitioners, regulators, and utilities interested in monitoring the main hydraulic and water quality parameters of sewers and drainage networks. You can register for the Applied Course at this link. You can learn more about each session’s programme and contents here.

Co-UDlabs is committed to increasing its dissemination efforts to engage a wider public of students, residents, entrepreneurs, local regulators, and utility providers. We look forward to the EU Green Week as the next great opportunity to address the issues, solutions, and futures of urban drainage as a community.