IKT's Large Test Facility




Gelsenkirchen | Germany


Fields of expertise

Assets deterioration

Performance of urban assets

Digital water solution

Modality of Access


Access offered for each project

40 days

Number of Projects

2 (1 per call)

Expected composition of the visiting user-group

1 researcher during the full access period and 5 researchers for 10 days



The IKT´s Large Test Facility is a modular construction with a water transport and circulation system, which can be adapted for scientific questions concerning the hydraulic performance of products of wastewater and storm water management.

The flexible facility is 18 m x 6 m x 6 m and offers the possibility of simulating on site conditions and at 1:1 scale under realistic soil, groundwater and traffic load conditions. Flow rates and traffic loads can be regulated up to 50 L/s and 1000 kN at frequencies up to 5 Hz respectively.

Flow meters, metering devices for test substances, water level gauges and a portable irrigation system of 1 m2 are also available to carry out tailored experiments.

Service provision

IKT offers researchers from other institutions facilities for conducting their own Research & Development projects including staff for installation of their own test setups, measurements and analysis of data; and assistance with planning and running the specific experiments.

The facility has already been used during last years, in collaboration with water authorities and sewer operators from North Rhine – Westfalia region, to simulate pipe-jacking at 1:1 scale, assess the performance of repair methods for severely damaged sewer laterals and to studying new materials for sewer pipes bedding and backfilling.

However, there is a wide range of further applications in which the facility may be interesting from a commercial and academic point of view such as:

  • Hydraulic capacity of pumps, throttles, gullies, permeable pavements or decentralized treatment plants, being able of considering contaminants;
  • Comparative product tests on different kind of pipes and manholes;
  • Simulation of long term behaviour of pipe soil system interaction analysing infiltration and exfiltration; or
  • Studying the performance of water and wastewater measurement systems such as flow meters, water gauges or optical detection systems.

Instrumentation available and specific services provided

  • Flow measurement instruments (MID)
  • Pumps (160 l/sec)
  • Pressure sensors
  • CCTV
  • Technique for leak tightness tests with air or water
  • Simulating vertical compressive loads
  • Simulating hydraulic loads
  • Simulating internal pressure
  • Simulating external water pressure (groundwater)
  • Simulating different kind of damages (corrosion, crack, pitting…)

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