Co-UDlabs session at IWA World Water Congress 

Co-UDlabs has been selected to organise a session during the IWA World Water Congress! The world-renowned conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on September 11-15, 2022, and you can find all information about the event at this link.

The session organised by Co-UDlabs, Tapping The Value Of Urban Drainage Systems (UDS) Data, will take place in Room 14, on Tuesday, September 13, at 10:30 CEST. The session aims at investigating various issues that may impact on water utilities as they move towards a more data-driven world, where evidence will be essential to justify action and improve UDS performance.

The workshop will investigate three issues arising from new data collection, storage and analysis capabilities: (i) data quality and assurance of big data, (ii) the use of data enhance performance and ensure compliance, (iii) the dangers and opportunites to society from “open data” approaches. 

The participants in the workshop will:

  1. Understand the need for strong data assurance processes when data-driven approaches are widely adopted in urban drainage systems 
  2. Gain knowledge on emerging data-driven approaches that may increase the data literacy at a utility, improve performance and regulatory compliance 
  3. Examine the dangers and benefits for water utilities in adopting an “open-data” approach by default.

The WWC will be a valuable opportunity to meet more researchers, practitioners, and users from the urban drainage community interested in collaborating with Co-UDlabs activities.

Additional resources:

  • Full event description of Co-UDlabs’ Tapping the Value of UDS data session [PDF]