Co-UDlabs Introductory Webinar on Transnational Access

On 13 Ocotber 2021, Co-UDlabs is organising a webinar dedicated to the 1st Transnational Access Campaign, at 10:00 AM (CET).

This 2-hour webinar will give you key information on how to benefit from free Transnational Access (TA) to its 17 high-end experimental facilities including laboratories, field sites and large repositories of experimental data.

The access to experimental facilities aims to encourage co-operation among researchers, practitioners, SMEs, local regulators and administrations to tackle challenges in the management and operation of wastewater systems. We look forward to establishing research consortia based on a mix of academic and non-academic partners – with specific focus on the engagement of SMEs active in this field of work.

Register for free HERE.

The Webinar will feature a short introductory keynote by Jose Anta Alvarez, Project Coordinator of Co-UDlabs and professor at Universidad de A Coruna, followed by a quick Q&A session.

A second part of the webinar will engage attendees in a discussion with the facility providers, so that they can give more detailed information on the venues and the installations involved in the project as well as on the services and potential uses that can be carried out within the scope of Co-UDlabs. The webinar will close with an introduction to the next crucial steps – a consortia-making Hackathon and the official Call for Proposals – and a final Q&A session.

See the full programme HERE.