Save the date: Co-UDlabs Hackathon

Co-UDlabs set up a series of initiatives that are leading up to the global call for Transnational Access (TA) to the 17 installations and facilities that compose the project’s Research Infrastructure. After an Introductory Webinar (October 13) and the IKT Workshop on Urban Drainage Practice and Research Needs (November 3-4), our consortium is organising a Co-UDlabs Hackathon on November 23 and 25, 2021, with the aim to promote the creation of groups and teams able to submit valuable proposals and ideas that can be carried out in the framework of the TA.

This Hackathon seeks to identify and share valuable ideas that may tackle the most challenging problems that urban drainage systems are facing today. The Hackathon can be an excellent opportunity to build synergies, teams, and improved project ideas and designs.

At the Hackaton, you will be able to present your idea, get to know the facility providers and discuss in detail the added value of our installations, and seek partners and new team members for a more detailed Transnational Access proposal.

The best idea will be awarded with a short visit to their facility of choice, so that you can streamline and improve your TA proposal.

The steps to participate in the Co-UDlabs Hackathon are really simple. You can:

  • Register for the Hackathon online at this link
  • Visit our MiroBoard and discuss with fellow participants about ideas and proposals
  • Access the full agenda of the event online
  • For your presentation on Day 2, please consider using this handy PPT template

Now it is time to set up a team and define your idea! You can contact our team at any time, and you can also get in touch with any of our research infrastructure’s facilities simply by filling in this contact form!