The first 18 months of Co-UDlabs: successful review for the project

Reporting is an essential activity in Horizon 2020 project management, as every project coordinator needs not only to maintain control and steer project progress, but also regularly inform the European Commission about progression of the work towards its agreed objectives.

In December 2022, after one and a half year of collaborative work, the Co-UDlabs team submitted its first periodic report to the funding agency. This technical progress report was followed by a review meeting with an independent expert and the Project Officer (PO) from the Research Executive Agency (REA) in charge of this project.

A look at the online Project Review meeting, with 17 participants from 11 institutions, on February 1, 2023, capping twenty months of fruitful work within the Consortium.

Co-UDlabs received a very positive evaluation. Both the Commission representative and the external expert offered advice and suggestions for improvement in the next reporting period.

Keeping their feedback in mind, the consortium is looking forward to the next stages of the project! This institutional support and effective recommendations will be key to strengthen Co-UDlabs’ Joint Reseach Activities as they approach a more result-based schedule; the construction of an even larger UD community (with a focus on Eastern Europe and other underrepresented areas); and the second global call for our TA programme, which will open in July 2023.