UDC finalises transnational access at the STREET facility

NTNU researcher Spyridon Pritsis works on the research platform of the STREET facility at UDC-CITEEC

Following two months of intense laboratory work, UDC — a partner of Co-UDlabs and the provider of three facilities to the project’s Research Infrastructure — has finalised work on the transnational access (TA) to the STREET facility, at the CITEEC premises in the Elviña Campus of the Galician university. From mid-October to December 14, 2022,…

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Watch Co-UDlabs’s presentation video!

Find out about the key elements of Co-UDlabs in a nutshell… and in an entertaining way with a motion design video about the project!  Existing UDS are ageing, but they are critical for protecting public health, reducing pollution impacts and urban flooding risks. The EU-funded Co-UDlabs project aims to develop innovative solutions and technologies to…

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