Co-UDlabs 1st transnational access campaign: tips & tricks to apply!

With Co-UDlabs, benefit from free access to top research infrastructures in Urban Drainage across Europe! Deadline for applications: 31st January 2022.

✅Co-UDlabs is now back from the holiday break! We feel rested and ready for the next big step: our call for Transnational Access (TA) to the Co-UDlabs’ Research Infrastructure! We are looking for big, fresh ideas on sustainable urban drainage systems, assets, design, and processes, and we are promoting collaboration among researchers, practitioners, the industry, and local government.

Transnational Access Call 2021

📅We now have just three weeks left on our first global call for TA proposals: deadline is on January 31, 2022!

💧Your proposal can build on an idea that you and your team aim to develop in a controlled, state-of-the-art technical environment, with the support and guidance of our staff in 7 fields of expertise:

  1. Urban flooding
  2. Runoff pollution
  3. In-sewer process
  4. Performance of urban assets
  5. SuDS solutions
  6. Assets deterioration
  7. Digital water solutions

🧑‍🤝‍🧑If you have any concerns regarding your proposal, the people in charge of the facility of your choice can be reached through the Facility Contact Form button.

🌍Co-UDLabs will provide free-of-charge access to the 17 facilities that our partners have pooled together in our project:

DENMARK – Aalborg University

FRANCE – Institut National des Sciences Appliquées Lyon (INSA Lyon)



SPAIN – Universidade da Coruna


UNITED KINGDOM – The University of Sheffield

👉 Check the call conditions and apply HERE!

Checklist before you submit!

📝To submit your proposal, please consider reading the background documentation of the Call and downloading the required template forms and documents for your proposal.

📚First, carefully consult the Guiding documentation that is composed by information about:

🔥Then, fulfil and submit all the required proposal templates including:

🤝Last but not least, researchers, practitioners, and teams have already shared some ideas and are looking for teammates, experts, and specific expertise. On our Ideas Marketplace, you can share your own idea, advertise what you can offer to another team, look for support and partnership, and get in touch with other researchers and users to develop a joint proposal.

Our team’s last tips…

😉Some recommendations from us before submitting your proposal:

  1. Learn all the information you need about our facilities, and see what installation best fits your ideas or research agenda here.
  2. Consider the opportunity to directly contact the people in charge of the facility of your choice through the Facility Contact Form button.
  3. We look forward to receiving inspiring and innovative proposals! New ideas and new approaches are strongly needed to address the challenges of the present and near future: climate change is impacting the resilience and sustainability of our urban landscape, and a more effective alliance between research, policy, and the market is going to be essential for our systems to resist and improve!

Contact us

🙋Need any additional information?

👉Contact us through this form or at for any additional information. Co-UDlabs is looking forward to collaborate with you!